Permit Application – Saturna Island Fire Protection Society

The Applicant may be permitted to have an open fire under the conditions listed below


  1. For the purpose of disposing of yard waste and woody debris; brush, tree limbs, untreated, unpainted lumber, and other like material. Burning of green debris that has been on the ground for less than 30 days is permitted.
  2. Burn piles may not be larger than 2 meters in diameter and 1 meter in height, piled by hand only, set on bare soil clear of tree roots.
  3. To prevent fire spread, fires will not be set closer than 7.6 meters from all snags, slash, structures and standing timber. The permit holder will ensure a perimeter of 1.5 meters clear of burnable material around the base of the fire.
  4. Industrial or noxious waste will not be burned, including but not limited to: tires, plastics, drywall, paint, paint containers and paint products, treated lumber, tar paper, asphalt shingles and other asphalt products, fuel and lubricant containers, railway ties, manure.
  5. The permit holder must supervise all burning. An assigned responsible person must be on site to monitor the fire. Equipment necessary for fire control must be made available by the permit holder; a shovel, rake and a 5-gallon bucket full of water are an absolute minimum.
  6. The fire must be extinguished before the permit holder or assigned responsible person may leave the fire site.
  7. A person must not light, fuel or make use of an open fire when a reasonable person would know that the wind is, or could become, strong enough to cause sparks or other burning material to be carried to other combustible materials.
  8. This permit can be canceled at any time by the Fire Chief, a Fire Department Officer or delegate. All burning permits will be canceled when a burning ban is in effect.
  9. If any debris is larger than 4″ in diameter, permission is subject to the Venitilation Index. The VE can be found on the previous page, or HERE