What’s new at SIFPS?

What’s new at SIFPS?

By Bernie Ziegler
June, 2011

Grand Opening

More than 100 islanders, plus visitors from Bowen and Pender islands, came to the Grand Opening of Saturna’s two new post-disaster certified Emergency Services buildings on Saturday, June 18. They filled the truck bay of ESB #1 almost to overflow to listen to celebratory comments from our two Saturna Island Trustees, Dian Johnstone and Bev Neff; John Savage, president of SIFPS; Sam Peramaki, president of the Community Club; Linda Cunningham, president of the Rec Centre Society; Murray Rankin, president of SIPOA; John Wiznuk and David Rees-Thomas, the Fire and Rescue Chiefs; Dawn Wood of the Saturna Island Emergency Preparedness Committee; park warden Dave XXX, representing Parks Canada, and others.

On display were posters of the landscaping plans for both ESBs, and lists of all contractors, suppliers and consultants who participated in the construction of these buildings, as well as all donors to the construction fund, as well as details of long-term financing arrangements and of the construction budget, and actual costs. A ribbon-cutting ceremony followed, during which the Fire Chief – instead of scissors – chose to use the volunteer firefighters’ new vehicle extraction tool, donated by the Saturna Lions club. Everyone enjoyed coffee and tea, cookies and cakes, prepared by the Saturna Women’s Club. All visitors were invited to tour the firefighters and rescue crew’s new digs.

SIFPS Open House Photos

What’s new at SIFPS?

Annual General Meeting

Following the opening ceremony, 64 members of SIFPS gathered in the ESB #1 truck bay for their AGM and elected a new board of directors. Three board members did not seek re-election for a new term. They are: Lorne Bolton, Tom Koochin and Brian Haley.

The members of the new board are: Bernie Ziegler, President; John Money, Vice President; Eva Hage, Secretary; Ron Hall, Treasurer; Theresa Howard, Controller;

Tom Johnstone; Lee Middleton; Wayne Quinn; John Savage; Robert Stuart; Ted Syverson; Dan Thachuk.

There were several motions, including two motions from the floor. The members passed a motion to continue with its “Notice to Reader” accounting review by a vote of 60 to 4. This was followed by a motion from the floor asking for a full audit of the SIFPS financial records. It was ruled out of order, since the accounting question had already been dealt with. The second motion asked the SIFPS board to rescind and void the existing “Contribution Service Agreement” with the CRD, which allows SIFPS to receive funds from Saturna property taxes collected by the Surveyor of Taxes and passed on the SIFPS through the CRD. It was defeated by a vote of 63 to1, because this agreement was established by referendum on Saturna in 1993 and can only be altered by another referendum.

It was pointed out to the membership that the Society’s monthly financial statements and the Minutes of all board meetings, as well as all other relevant information is posted on the SIFPS website at Minutes of Meetings and Financial Reports . All financial records and general ledgers are open and available on request to any member who has any question about their make-up or who wants to go over them point by point with his or her accountant.

The new board of directors closed three standing committees, whose functions are no longer necessary, and established two new ones. The closed committees are: the Building Project Committee, which oversaw all building activities, the Finance Committee, which dealt with financing activities for the new buildings, the Current Hall Sales Committee, which was responsible for the sale of the old fire hall. The two new committees are the Asset Management Committee, which is responsible for the physical assets of the Fire Department and Saturna Island Rescue, and the Human Resources Committee, which will make sure that all Standing Committees and/or Fire Department and SIR consistently apply acceptable human resource standards and practices.

Here are the SIFPS standing committees and their members (* denotes Committee Head):

Operations – Ted Syverson*, Lee Middleton, Theresa Howard, Eva Hage, Wayne Quinn

Corporate & Administration – Eva Hage*, Ron Hall, Robert Stuart, Dan Thachuk

Financial Reporting – Ron Hall*, Theresa Howard, Robert Stuart

Asset Management – John Money*, Ron Hall, Wayne Quinn, Robert Stuart

Communications – Lee Middleton*, Dan Thachuk, Tom Johnstone, John Money

Human Resources – Tom Johnstone*, John Savage, Ted Syverson, Eva Hage

Nominations – Bernie Ziegler*, Tom Johnstone, John Savage