Fire Permit Update – Open fires allowed. Burn barrels and approved incinerators allowed

Fire Danger Status for Saturna Island

  • Between 15 April and 15 October, except as noted above, permits are required to do any outside burning. Apply for a permit (free) here. Click here



Saturna Island Fire Permits


The Province notifies Saturna when the fire risk status changes. If the fire risk on Saturna Island is rated above moderate, then Fire Permits are needed if residents wish to have an open fire.

Fire Permits are available when Fire Danger conditions permit burning. Check Fire Danger conditions link in the box above for current conditions.

The Fire Permits allow the Fire Dept. to track legal fires and creates public awareness as to when it is safe to have open fires.

Burning Permits:

Land clearing and maintenance burning of piles of woody debris, 2 meters tall and 3 meters wide or bigger require a registration number. A registration number can be obtained by phoning (888) 797-1717. A copy of the WILDFIRE ACT AND REGULATION can be viewed on the BC Forest Service website at: which outlines the obligations of those undertaking open burning.