Emergency Services Buildings – ESB 1 & 2

Saturna Island has two new Emergency Services Buildings which opened in summer of 2011. They will serve the island’s needs for the next 40 years. Both buildings are post-disaster certified, meet modern earthquake resistance standards and are built to efficiently house:

ESB # 1, houses all of the above services and is located across from the General Store above Lyall Harbour.

ESB # 2 is primarily designed to provide fire protection services to the East Point community and is located on Tumbo Channel Road.

Landscaping around the buildings will be completed in the Spring of 2012 and more information about the activities and uses of the buildings will be posted here as it becomes available.

Table of Supporting Document Contents

Building Project Costs

Budget vs Actual Costs, June, 2011


Contractors, Suppiers, Consultants

Project Financing

Taxpayer Costs for the Buildings

Emergency Services Buildings (ESB) #1 & 2

Building Design ESB 1

Building Design ESB 2


Project Schedule ESB #1

Project Schedule ESB #2

ESB #2 Site Purchase (.pdf)

ESB #2 Covenant (.pdf)

Landscaping Plans

Landscaping Plan ESB 1

Landscape Option A ESB 2